In life, you just have to find something you love to do and hope that it makes a difference.

Simple but poignant words spoken by my beautiful and wise younger sister, over brunch this morning.

What a great sentiment – to find something you love to do, to work on it, share it with others and believe in its potential to grow, move, inspire, comfort, entertain and educate somebody and hopefully, make a positive contribution to the world in some way. This is what nurtures humanity, drives the soul and fulfills us.

The challenge for me, as it has been for some time, is not in the finding, but in the working on my passions amidst the distractions, priorities, responsiblities and pressures of adult life – where ‘reality’ often means foregoing one’s ‘dreams’.

As I (somewhat anxiously) head towards my third decade, I’ve decided that I’m not going to live with the regret of foregoing said dreams. 

This next chapter will be about balance. 

It will be about working on my dreams whilst embracing the realities of the less fantastical world (comprising of such dreary matters as money, politics and keeping up appearances), which inevitably, are integral to our survival.

While adjusting to adulthood has led me to believe that comprimises must be made in order to give full focus to any given priority, I’ve realised for myself that dreams and realities can co-exist and in fact, help nurture one another.

Now is the time to take ownership of both aspects of my life, to give the same energy to the important though mundane things, as well as the defining and exciting.

May you also seek and achieve balance as you live your beautiful lives!


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